The first thing we should mention is that these handy food life-hacks aren’t just for the glamping community, but they will come in useful when you’re out staying in glamping wagons and other such luxury camping abodes. So without further ado, check out our culinary cheats to make your life easier, leaving you more time to concentrate on other fun things!

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Yesterday (March 22) marked the 22nd anniversary of World Water Day, first introduced by the United Nations General Assembly. We’d be nothing without the wet stuff.

Water is a finite resource, contrary to belief, and we only have what we have, weird thought when it totally tips it down for half the year, right? There’s around 332,500,000 cubic miles of water on earth, but only one-hundredth of one percent of the world’s water is readily available for human usage, just let that sink in for a minute! With that in mind, are you thinking that you need to start viewing this precious, vital piece of our lives with a slightly different outlook, more respect perhaps?

So in order to celebrate the wet goodness we adore so much, why not soak up these 18 fascinating facts we have for you to dive in to:


A giant red tap expelling water Rainwater that once fell on our luxury camping UK accommodation.
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In case you had forgotten, today is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday. We didn’t want our happy glamping UK lovers to miss out on the action so we have sourced a healthy option for you to have a go at.

The recipe uses lots of fresh, healthy, and easily accessible ingredients, so get flippin’ and don’t forget to send us a picture of your delicious pancakes customised to your liking. Yummy!
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Tim and everyone behind the scenes at Quality Unearthed would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, past, present and future, a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year for 2015!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

We look forward to helping you with all your luxury camping needs, from our treehouse accommodation, to gypsy wagon breaks, hideaway hut holidays, and yurt glamping vacations. 

If there’s another form of glamping abode that you like but we haven’t mentioned then why not take a look at our accommodation page?

2014 has been an absolute pleasure and we can’t wait to hear from you all soon!

Quality Unearthed will be in attendance at Olympia on the 27 & 28 November for this year’s annual Farm Innovation Show. The Farm Business Innovation Show is the show designed for all farmers, smallholders, land owners, estates and everybody with an interest in rural business, who are looking for new ways to use their land to bring in more money.
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Here at Quality Unearthed we love anything that’s good for the environment, and especially when the initiative in question is saving lives in more than one way. The news that an innovative scheme to power life-saving ambulance equipment through roof-top solar panels reached us here and we just had to share this wonderful idea! The scheme has seen a funding boost from the Government as the bods in charge of the country look to cut pollution from more than 1,000 public sector vehicles.
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They might not drop you off to your destination to go glamping in Sussex just yet but the idea has been mooted by the guy behind the idea that London buses could one day be fuelled by coffee leftovers after a project to turn grounds into biofuel. Did we mention that this exciting project won a European environmental prize?
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Are you tired of the normal ways to go out on the water when you visit the coast? I guess it’s much like when you break away from the norm on holiday and you choose glamping in Devon over a hotel break in a major city. We found the coolest new way to go and enjoy the open water that combines a mixture of leisurely exercise, a retro seaside activity and modern adaptations, and when they’re all rolled into one you get the Schiller X1.

This is a hot topic that we all should care deeply about as it affects all of us as well as the future generations to succeed us. Issues like the fight to overcome the excessive plastic bag pollution are definitely something to be addressed and awareness is essential. How many times have you been on holiday, whether it be to a seaside resort or a Devon glamping destination and seen the water/ natural landscape tainted by discarded plastic bags? The good news is people in high places are listening up and taking action to combat this.
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