Whether you are considering living in a yurt for eco-reasons, to cut down costs or simply to try something new, our ‘how to live in a yurt’ blog will unveil all of the wonderful aspects that this lifestyle entails. It doesn’t matter whether this is simply going to be your summer retreat or your full-time home, you’ll certainly find it an interesting read. Our 10-step guide will help you to make an informed decision on whether living in a yurt is for you. If you decide that it is for you, our guide can help you to make the right preparations for your new lifestyle so that you get the full level of enjoyment from your new, unique home!

yurt holidays available from Quality Unearthed

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Christmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry whilst spending time with your nearest and dearest. There’s only one thing that could put a dampener on the mood…a dud present. We suggest playing it safe, by booking you and your special someone a yurt holiday they’ll never forget! Check out these reasons why yurt holidays are a fantastic break away and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser this Christmas:

Stay in fantastic yurts such as these on your holiday in 2017!

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While we normally focus our attentions on glamping yurts, there is a popular eatery, housed in a yurt in Bristol that we love with a charming name that can only really be said in a true Bristolian accent – Yurt Lush. In case you were panicking that they weren’t in the same place you last saw them, we can confirm they have recently relocated to another spot in the South West city.

Yurt Lush in Bristol with fireworks in the background.

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mongolian yurt inside

If you’re looking for the ideal location for your luxury camping holidays, we might have a fantastic solution! This Mongolian yurt not only looks fabulous from the outside, but the inside too. The warm orange glow will brighten up your day no matter what the weather, with spectacular structural features left uncovered on the inside. The yurt is located on a raised section of decking looking out onto a wild flower meadow and surrounded by plenty of woodland – what could be a better vision to wake up to?

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Yurt Folding Trakke Glasgow Portable Company | Glamping Luxury Camping Hosting Mongolian | Quality Unearthed Eco Friendly Holidays

Yurt Folding Trakke Glasgow Portable Company | Glamping Luxury Camping Hosting Mongolian | Quality Unearthed Eco Friendly HolidaysA Glasgow manufacturer has come up with a cool new innovation for glamping aficionados – a flat packed travelling Yurt.

While the original Yurts of Mongolia are travelling, collapsible and portable, they take time to set up and are a burden to transport, often requiring several animals to carry the various parts which make it up across the plains.

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With spring not so far away now, and the days getting lighter, and the appeal of warmer evenings emerging once again, people are beginning to plan their glamping holidays with loved ones, friends and family. But if you have never been glamping before and you’re thinking about the possibilities then here are 7 great reasons to go on a glamping UK vacation. And with a wide range of abodes from yurts, to wagons, to treehouses and more, you can’t go far wrong!

A couple on a glamping UK holiday lying on the ground outside staring up at the stars in the sky.
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