clement briend transforms trees in massive sculptures projecting beautiful faces on them!

As part of the series ‘Cambodian Trees’, French photographer Clement Briend created these spectacular images on trees that truly bring a new perspective to art and nature as they combine to make these spectacular images.

Clement Briend tree sculptures in Cambodia

Image courtesy of inossidabileac/Instagram

Briend used a number of projectors in order to transform these trees in Phnom Penh, Cambodia into light sculptures that have caught the gazes of many an onlooker. Briend’s 3D projections are created quite organically, which makes us love them all the more. Briend begins with an idea, and then gradually and progressively gets to work on the projection points by hand. This is his process until what you can see in the pictures takes shape. The organic sculptures represent not only divinities, but other supernatural beings too.

Clement Briend tree sculptures in Cambodia

Image courtesy of art4anyone/Instagram

Magic and animism (spirits) are known to be a big part of the culture in Cambodia, as they are in much of South East Asia as a whole, and the Cambodian Trees series utilises and intertwines with those themes.

Cambodian Art

Image courtesy of omyonetwo/Instagram

It’s simply amazing to see what can be done with nature when you think outside the box, and Clement Briend is certainly showing that with his works of art. We’re still wondering where he got his inspiration from, but we’re sure that you can easily find yours on glamping holidays with us here at Quality Unearthed

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