Thanks largely to the fantastic previous events that were so successful in 2012, 2014 and 2015 the Unearthed In A Field family are pleased to announce that they will once again, by popular demand, be back for Unearthed In A Field 2016!

Unearthed In A Field 2016 Festival West Wales


The ethos that the team behind Unearthed In A Field is for festival goers to enjoy the expansion of consciousness, from the practical to the ethereal, through arts, performance communication and discussion.


What this means tangibly is that we will be bringing a whole heap of beautiful things to stimulate your mind and body.


What’s in store?

You can expect to see glamping yurts and tepees brimming with a vibrant array of entertained in the musical form by an amazing variety of British artists offering genres such as roots, folk, and reggae along with some worldly rhythms facilitated by performers from both Africa and Colombia.


Performers include Fire Dancers, trapeze performances and workshops, hula hooping with a workshop, and drumming with a workshop, not to mention the belly dancers ready to show off their skills!


Other workshops you can dive into are yoga, meditation, Pilates, wild foraging, and mosaic making, meaning there’s something everyone can enjoy while on the Pembrokeshire coast.


Food & Drink

The festival’s food is all ethically and locally sourced, and you can get stuck into handmade to order pizzas made from sour dough, a delicious spicy bean burger, or even sample what the wild foraged café have to offer, plus much more!


The bar will once again be packed full of a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to keep you hydrated. There’s sure to be some tasty drinks from Pembrokeshire that you’re not likely to have come across and all at a very pleasing price, which will make them taste even better! We can’t forget to mention the international flavours such as last event’s favourite, the Caipirinha!


There’s more!

If you’re of an ethereal persuasion, then we are excited for you to soak in the words and knowledge from some greatly respected speakers who will enlighten us on a variety of diverse topics. There will be a whole host of topics covered such as meditation and health benefits, the convergence of science and spirituality, renewable energy, alternative holiday and home structures so once again, there’s something for one and all to learn and grow from.


Anything we missed?

The weekend tickets are inclusive of camping, and you are more than welcome to make your way down as of the June 11th for a few days in advance if you fancy making a holiday of things, after all, it’s rather spectacular to be surrounded by so much wildlife and natural surroundings! Beware – you might get roped in to help!


Unearthed In A Field is a festival, but above all is an event that is open to all and is most definitely a family friendly event for all ages.


All income after costs will be shared between the energy contributors based on energy input with an additional pot put aside to hopefully make this a sustainable event for future years.


If you would like to see more on the festival, please head on over to the website.


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