conservation charity says orca whale sightings off coast of wales are genuine

The coast of Wales is not just alluring to human visitors, with a number of orca whale sightings being officially confirmed, a conservation charity has said.

Orca whale tail spotted off west Wales coast near Quality Unearthed

Sea Trust stated that the killer whale, a member of the dolphin family, has been spotted as many as three times off the west coast of Wales, at Mwnt near Ceredigion.

Experts have said that they believe the whale is hunting salmon and sea trout near the Teifi estuary, which isn’t far from some of our glamping Wales abodes.

Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson stated the sightings were of a significant nature due to the fact that the mammals are far more likely to be sighted off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Mr Benson added that it could be possible to see the majestic animals from as far away as west coast of Ireland, Norway, Shetland, the Hebrides and even the shores of the Canaries.

“They will hunt the big shoals of mackerel and herring, and we would love to hear from anyone with sightings” said Mr Benson, although he added that people shouldn’t disturb wildlife if they do come into contact with them or any other species of wildlife.

Mr Benson said also said that it could well be possible the killer whale is a renowned large male orca known as John Coe.

In the past, John Coe has been spotted off the popular coast of Pembrokeshire as well as in Scottish waters.

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