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Yurt Folding Trakke Glasgow Portable Company | Glamping Luxury Camping Hosting Mongolian | Quality Unearthed Eco Friendly HolidaysA Glasgow manufacturer has come up with a cool new innovation for glamping aficionados – a flat packed travelling Yurt.

While the original Yurts of Mongolia are travelling, collapsible and portable, they take time to set up and are a burden to transport, often requiring several animals to carry the various parts which make it up across the plains.

One of these traditional yurts takes up space, and anyone wishing to use one to travel around the UK would need a van to fit all the parts into and to set aside a full day for its construction.

But not anymore! Glasgow company Trakke has come up with a design for its new Jero Yurt which is made with marine plywood walls, a waterproof canvas cover and telescopic roof poles.

While it might look like an authentic Mongolian yurt the Jero is flat packed and small enough to fit in the back of an estate or jeep, or a spacious boot.

That means you can take your very own yurt on your travels or to festivals and enjoy 13 square metres of floor space to allow you to host guests generously, as is the nomadic tradition.

However, these yurts don’t come cheap at £4,200 from, so why not let us do all the hard work of getting a yurt set up and simply enjoy UK Yurt Holidays with Quality Unearthed!

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