these are some of the coolest homes you’ve ever seen, right?

Here at Quality Unearthed we love anything unusual and slightly leftfield, particularly when it comes to inspirational, strange and spectacular abodes. We spend a lot of time appreciating the accommodation we offer you for luxury camping UK. However, we do like to take a look around and see what eels is around on this wonderful earth we call home.

We have put together a list of some of our favourite homes…
Takasugi-an Tea House, Chino, Nagano, Japan |  Amazing Spaces | Treehouse Holidays…from across the globe that we have come across recently. Take a look and see what you think.

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Egg house, Beijing, China
'Egg' Bamboo Home in China | Affordable Housing | Eco-living and Glamping

A man from China decided to build this intriguing ‘egg’ house due to the fact that he wasn’t able to afford the high costs of residing in Beijing. The Chinese worker made his cabin-style house from bamboo bars, bags of grass seeds and wood crumbs which is sited in the yard of a residential area.

Quilmes, Argentina
Quilmes Bottle House | Argentina | Eco-living

The proud artist Tito Ingenieri is pictured here standing in front of a house of his own creation, built out of more than 30,000 bottles to make this remarkable accommodation in Quilmes, Argentina.

Takasugi-an Tea House, Nagano, Japan
Takasugi-an Tea House, Chino, Nagano, Japan |  Amazing Spaces | Treehouse Holidays

Deisigned by the Japanese architect Terunobo Fujimori, the precise translation of this poised building is “a teahouse [built] too high”. Measuring up at six metres above the ground, upon two chestnut tree trunks. This has got to be one of the most idyllic places to feel at peace while enjoying watching the world go by below.

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK
Trinity Buoy Wharf | Est London Up-Cycling Homes | Glamping Abode Inspiration

It’s just super to see people taking things and making the most of them with an up-cycling project. In east London there is a fine example of this with an entire community built from these giant metal shipping containers. They look cool too!

Nautilus Earthship House, New Mexico, USA
Nautilus Earthship House |  Adobe Inspirations | Eco Homes for Glamping Lovers

Another wonderful example are these “Earthships” which are houses made of recycled building materials, and therefore, have minimum impact on the community. The innovation of Michael Reynolds, and based in the community in New Mexico the buildings are said to be self-sufficient. Additionally, these abodes are made using old car tyres as well as plastic bottles.

‘That Roundhouse’, Pembrokeshire, Wales
'That' Roundhouse | Eco-home in Wales | Glamping and Green Living in Pembrokeshire

As far as eco or ‘green’ homes are concerned ‘That Roundhouse’ which was built by Tony Wrench is at the top of the green game! Constructed using wood, a straw insulated turf roof and other recycled materials, it is dependent on solar power as well as a wind turbine for its electricity. The eco doesn’t end there though, there’s a compost loo too.

El Borbollon, El Salvador
El Borbollon | A Home Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles | Green Living In Mexico and Affordable Living

Maria Ponce is the proud owner stood just inside the fencing of her house, made out of plastic bottles. Maria was 76 years old when she started living this amazing home in the village of El Borbollon, El Salvador in 2007. Much like the Chinaman who resides in the ‘egg’, she built the house out of plastic bottles due to the fact that she couldn’t afford to purchase or construct a more conformist home for herself. 

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