There’s most definitely some ingenious people out there with amazing ideas that lots of us could only ever dream of doing, but this couple are certainly up there with the best after making this flatbed truck into their home. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

Flatbed truck turned into two bedroom ultimate glamping home in New Zealand.
Image: The Smoking Tire- YouTube

Alex and Hannah from New Zealand, acquired and converted a 1986 Hino flatbed truck into their very own two-bedroom house in the country.

Following their return from the UK 6 years ago they were under no illusions that they weren’t able to purchase a house, so this spectacular project was born, perhaps more from necessity than as something to do in their spare time. Nonetheless the end result, as you can see, was something quite remarkable.

Alex and Hannah are very modest about their creation and were quoted as saying they took a flat bed, “welded a frame, put the wood on and built this house.” Easy as that! 

The next 18 months that ensued after their return to New Zealand saw the couple stylishly patch together their house-truck using mostly recycled or second-hand items, and favouring natural materials was a preferred option whenever possible.

Their finished article now sleeps them and their pet cat in quite comfortable fashion. Additionally, the ingenious truck-come-home runs on solar power, by and large at around 12 volts, with a gas-heated shower and stove for cooking and washing.

The whole set-up, they say, cost them in and around $20,000nzd, or £10,714 to us Brits. 

Watch their video here: 

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Video: The Smoking Tire/ Youtube

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