did you know good news is beneficial for your health?

There’s no denying that we are forever being bombarded with negative news stories and scary statistics, and this is why many of us turn to holidays like the glamping Sussex destinations we have where you can go glamping away from all the negativity. However, take a look behind the headlines and you might just find some surprisingly positive results.

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You could always adopt a ‘bad news diet’ – restricting the amount of news you expose yourself to – in an attempt to protect your mood, and also give you the opportunity to look at the bigger picture in a clearer, more emotionally balanced way. There’s no doubt that we become influenced by the media and its portrayal of global events. This in turn influences how we take personal bad news. Being flooded with bad news on an almost hourly basis can make us reactive rather than reflective and that’s not right.

It is innate in our brains to zoom in on bad news, and to then give it excessive precedence. At an evolutionary level, bad news highlights what it is we should react and attend to so that we can protect ourselves. This is the basis behind why people are more comfortable considering the negative rather than the positive.

However, several studies show that good news has a strong positive psychological and social impact on people. According to research published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, when people are experiencing acts of extraordinary moral goodness they can experience ‘moral elevation’, a psychological condition that contributes to the development of positive thoughts and emotions such as admiration, affection, and love. It can even cause physical reactions that cause a lasting influence on people’s future actions.

So in summary we all need to bring the good news to one another, remember that the cup is half full, and turn that frown upside down!

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