Today is National Do Something Nice Day so there’s no better day to treat that someone special in your life to a weekend away treehouse glamping with Quality Unearthed. An act of kindness can be anything from buying someone a cup of coffee to surprising your mum with a bunch of flowers.

The National Day was started in America but has made it across the pond and is celebrated each year on October 5th. Here at Quality Unearthed we feel everyone should live their lives doing kind things for other people on a daily basis without thinking about it, and today serves as a reminder to us all to take the time to do something nice for others, no matter how small!

With the hustle and bustle of modern life it’s easy to get caught up with hectic schedules and fast paced lifestyles, so why not slow down and do something nice for that special person? Escaping reality and unwinding in luxury at one of our incredible treehouses is the ultimate place to do this. Nestled among the trees hearing the sounds of nature is a sure fire recipe to relax even the tensest of souls.

So do something nice for someone today no matter how small and remember, every act of kindness strengthens the spirit and the soul.


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