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Glamping is great with the kids, but for a most romantic glamping UK break, there really is nothing more delightful than being able to enjoy the break with just the two of you.

A couple enjoying the sunset on a beach near Quality Unearthed glamping accommodation.

Getting cosy, getting snuggly with one another, particularly in the winter months when it’s a bit colder, it doesn’t get more intimate than that. And what better place to experience this than when you’re glamping? It really doesn’t matter if your preference is an eccentric gypsy caravan, a comfy yurt, a sweet shepherd’s hut, or a grand treehouse, what loved up couple wouldn’t want to spend some time together in these amazing abodes?


Our glamping sites are great for those looking to avoid the busy holiday destinations occupied by children and families, which can be a bit overwhelming if you are looking to enjoy the seclusion that goes with spending quality time together.


We have chosen six different types of accommodation for you to consider which might help you decide on your ideal romantic getaway with a loved one.



Yurt holidays UK in particular have become increasingly more chic and appealing. Part of the appeal is the sheer comfort and luxury you experience when you choose to stay in a yurt. The circular space of the hand crafted wood, felt and canvas creates a warm welcoming ambiance. Thanks to wood burning stoves they are also very cosy even in colder nights.



You only need to take one look at a wagon to know you’re destined for a wonderful romantic glamping experience. The wagons we offer are designed, built and equipped with everything any lucky couple could need to enjoy a romantic break in this divine abode.



Cabins, which include hideaway huts, woodland cabins, log cabins, shepherd’s huts and beech huts are among the list of our certified cabins on offer. We cannot speak highly enough of the cabins if you are looking to fulfil a getaway of romantic settings, seclusion, comfort and quality. They ooze cute appeal and are undeniably attractive for the loved up couples.



These solid wooden structures satisfy our childhood obsession with climbing trees. Up in the canopy there is a sense of joyful playfulness, camouflaged and out view we can trick the unassuming passer-by. ‘No one is going to find us up here!’ The popularity of treehouse holidays UK is held within its solid wooden structure which can be occupied all year round.


Safari Tents

When you think tent, you think cramped, damp and stressful. Think again. With a safari tent you have plenty of space to yourselves and no one around to disturb you. Perfect in so many ways for a romantic break, and something chic and different to the bog-standard city hotel break. Treat the one you love to something out of the box that shows you care.


Eco Pods

A retro-style cabin perfectly sited and suited for romantic glamper’s visiting Glastonbury. Our wonderful examples of amazing eco pods are located in a quiet paddock that faces towards the famous Glastonbury Tor.


These eco pods were designed and built by a local craftsman which represents the outline and dimensions of a Fibonacci spiral, which coincidentally is also in the QU logo.

Moving on from the design, these cosy, well-kept abodes are simply wonderful for the loved up couple it’s accommodating. You can’t truly explain the warmth and luxury you will experience until you try it for yourself- it’s a snuggly delight!

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