doctors prescribing surf lessons to help beat variety of health concerns

We know how beneficial the outdoors can be but now there are people in the French seaside town of Biarritz who have become the world’s first to be prescribed surfing lessons in a bid to elude a range of various conditions and illnesses, from depression to heart disease, and what’s more, both doctors and patients involved have reiterated the effects the treatment has had!

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As many as 20 doctors have joined in the pilot scheme in Europe’s capital of surf as a means to promote and encourage the French people to reign in their use of medication and take to the waves.


The current programme sees doctors prescribe a 12-week course in sports, including surfing or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) as well as the more classic activities like swimming or Nordic walking, depending on which best cater for a patient’s medical issues.


Depending on the case, some patients are having the sessions replace their medication entirely.


“After six months, the results are already positive in our eyes,” Nicolas Guillet of Biarritz Sport Sante, one of the organisers, told Nouvel Observateur. So far, there have only been two or three people who have given up midcourse out of the 200 currently taking advantage of the lessons. Nigh on all those who see out the 12-week programme go on to continue practising the sport, which is an extremely positive outcome indeed, we’re sure you’d agree?


Contact with the ocean can be incredibly therapeutic, said Guillaume Barucq, a Biarritz doctor and avid surfer, who described the scheme as “miraculous”.


“The waves that break in the water or on the sand break molecules that liberate negative ions. They improve the oxygenation of tissue, your mood, tone, quality of sleep and concentration,” he said.


Experts and doctors alike have advocated surfing and other sports can be highly effective in fighting chronic pain and depression, as well as diabetes and obesity.


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