don’t miss national random act of kindness day!

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is officially observed tomorrow (February 17th), and has significantly grown in popularity, year-on-year. It’s marked not only by individuals celebrating, but also by groups and organisations who want to encourage these acts of kindness.

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It’s a wonderful thought to think that people everywhere will be enjoying and making the most of these acts of kindness.  Yes, it’s special for the receiver, but there’s also a wonderful feeling when you are the giver too!


There is even a foundation dedicated to the cause. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week as an internationally recognised not for profit organisation established on the poignant belief of kindness and a dedication to offering resources that encourage acts of kindness.


What will you do to celebrate this special day? Cook someone dinner, phone a loved one, buy someone a stranger coffee, help someone across the road, book a stay in one of our glamping yurts, the list is endless! Whatever you decide to do, know that you’re making someone’s day, and they’ll not forget that in a hurry, after all, as Aesop once said: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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