eco-conscious pedal ride on mower does more than cut the grass!

This amazing and super fun invention from design agency Seymourpowell does more than just cut the grass in your garden. It’ll help keep you fit while you’re doing it as, unlike normal engine-powered mowers, this one is powered by you!

 A close up of some uncut grass that grows around our UK yurt holidays –Quality Unearthed.

This concept sees and combination of a tricycle with a cylinder grass cutting blade system fitted to the front to offer the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the run of the mill mowers that use fuel to or electricity to get the job done.

The Grazor, as it’s known, comes complete with five gears so that you can easily pedal your way up hills and slopes, should you need to, or perhaps you just fancy a harder work out, that’s fine too!

Made out of carbon fibre, the concept mower comes with 3 large off-road wheels that have been designed to grip slippery surfaces such as damp grass, and you have handles to help you steer the go-kartesque machine around.

All your pedalling efforts don’t only go into driving the mower around the garden, they also rotate a cylinder of blades in front of machine that does the cutting.

All this could be yours for £3,000 should you fancy forking out on one. Why don’t you mull it over while on one of our UK yurt holidays?

Dick Powell, director at Seymourpowell, said: ‘I think it would appeal to those who genuinely enjoy exercise, a nice lawn and who care for the environment.

‘Drive from the pedals is transferred via a chain to a five-speed gearbox. 

‘From there, again via a chain, it goes to a small differential of the kind found on rickshaws.

‘To the user, it is all very simple.

‘It would be an expensive product which, in itself, would limit its market in much the same way as a super high-end bicycle has a limited market.’

Mr Powell said the company had designed the pedal-powered lawn mower in the hope that a manufacturer or garden firms would want to put it into production.


Image: sean hobson under Creative Commons Licence.

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