eco-energy at its most brilliant as battery is powered with seeds and pine resin is revealed

You could soon be using devices that will run on an unusual source following an amazing new development in the world of eco-power, and it’s pretty amazing!
Revolutionary Eco Battery | Seeds And Pine Resin Power | Glamping The fact that 15 billion batteries are discarded annually is a very harrowing statistic, which combined with the chemicals contained inside the batteries, means that they can be difficult to be recycled.

However, researchers based in Sweden have developed a green substitute that can not only be recycled to a safer and more cost effective way but it can perform ‘at a similar level’ to the traditional lithium-ion batteries we use currently.

Thankfully though, because it uses organic, biomaterials, it can be repurposed to construct a new battery, which can offer as much as 99% of the energy output as the original.

You can find lithium-ion batteries being used in electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage due to the fact that they have a high energy content, but the downside is that extractable lithium resources are restricted.

Additionally, lithium batteries contain other, even rarer materials, and these materials are hard to replace. Not only is this an issue but they also require large energy inputs and toxic chemicals to be recovered.

The impressive new study saw researchers at Uppsala University’s Ångström Laboratory develop the new battery concept by means of compounds from alfalfa – from lucerne seeds – and pine resin.

These beauty of these materials is that they can be recycled with non-hazardous chemicals, too, including ethanol and water.

Furthermore, the scientists revealed that the lithium extracted from a spent battery can be reassigned for a new battery, when mixed with extra biomaterial.

This recycled battery was able to produce as much as 99% of the energy output as the first.

So this could be the future for eco-energy sooner than you think while you’re enjoying glamping, yurt holidays, Wales and all the other ingredients which make a great holiday.

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