eco protest film sees vivienne westwood and husband play adam and eve

The world-renowned designer Vivienne Westwood is not unfamiliar with making her feelings known when it comes to matters eco-orientated. Now, just a number of weeks since her last political protest whereby she showed her support for junior doctors, Westwood and husband Andreas Kronthaler have featured in a short film supporting the End Ecocide on Earth campaign.

Vivienne Westwood posing with flowers picked near Quality Unearthed

The surrealist-inspired film titled Trouble in Paradise features Vivienne and Andreas playing Adam and Eve, and in a stark message from the empress of punk fashion, the film recites the Biblical account of Adam and Eve’s dismissal from the Garden of Eden. However, this updated version brings the realisation of a paradise being destroyed by oil spills, pollution, deforestation, and open cast mining, all of which is overseen by ominous apple-faced businessmen, that sees inspiration drawn from Belgian artist Rene Magritte’s famous 1946 painting The Son of Man.


The End Ecocide on Earth campaign that they are supporting in this new video aims to get “ecocide” – the large scale destruction of the environment – renowned and recognised as a global crime against peace, by putting forward a modification to the 2002 Rome Statute.


For those unfamiliar with the Rome Statute, it is the treaty that established the International Criminal Court. The ICC sets out four fundamental world-wide crimes: war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, as well as the crime of aggression. Campaigners for the End Ecocide on Earth are striving to have ecocide made the fifth fundamental international crime. The idea is to determine the fact that that environmental destruction is taken as seriously and subsequently punished as strictly as a range of recognised ‘atrocities’; slavery and child soldiers, for example.


Let’s hope, not just as glamping lovers, but as lovers of the environment, nature and all things natural that make our world such a magnificent place, that protests such as this one are heard, loud and clear.


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