enjoy the great british countryside in the palm of your hand

The UK has some truly remarkable and in many cases unrivalled scapes in terms of sea and land. We often take for granted what’s on offer, or simply don’t know how to enjoy it best when we get the chance. But for anyone visiting a new part of the country on a luxury camping UK holiday there is something that can help.

A map of the world drawn on a pair of hands

In 2015, Ordnance Survey not only redesigned all 607 of its paper maps of Great Britain, but they also took their maps into the 21st century by offering them up to be used via mobile app on a smartphone.

If anyone is keen to head out and explore with the traditional maps, they can, but when one is purchased it comes with additional access to the downloadable version of the map at no extra cost.

What gives the Ordnance Survey mobile app an advantageous edge over the traditional paper versions is the increase in access to detail in regards the landscape. It provides precisely the same information about the terrain as the paper map, as well as offering users access to contour lines, footpaths, picnic sites, bridleways, and not forgetting local pubs too! What’s more, another alluring aspect is the clarity of the map, which will come in handy while exploring certain rural areas that don’t have paths and tracks clearly marked out. If you have used an online mapping app then navigating these unmarked tracks and paths will often have been an issue, no doubt.

Furthermore, the Ordnance Survey app doesn’t require the use of an active phone signal as it can be downloaded prior to going out.

With the future very much being dominated with digital advancements, OS still consider the original paper version of the maps to serve a purpose and carry a role in the outings of walkers, with the feeling that digital and paper versions can be used in unison. There’s certainly no chance of a paper map running out of battery, while the digital version isn’t likely to get blown away or get wet and rip, so given the fact that most people have smartphones these days, why not give both a whirl?

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