In case you haven’t noticed, we love the outdoors, but have you ever found yourself wondering what is it about nature and the outdoors that makes us feel so good about things and feel much healthier too? Anyone who indulges in outdoor exercise (including romantic strolls near our Pembrokeshire glamping accommodation on Valentine’s Day- hint, hint) will almost certainly tell you that it is better than going to the gym for a work out too. Yes, there are a whole host of theories as to why being in nature makes us healthier, but one standout suggestion is that being outside increases our intake of Vitamin D.

A beautiful Sunset | On The Horizon Of A Gorgeous Beach | Just Part Of The Relaxation You Get With A Glamping Holiday

Did you know how essential vitamin D is for your health too? Preventing hormonal problems, inflammation, and obesity, as well as having a strong immune system as just a pick of the benefits. Sunlight provides us with a natural source of vitamin D, so why not combine the whole package and go on a luxury glamping holiday, after all, it does only seems logical to spend more of our time enjoying the outdoors.

Going glamping or just being in a natural setting can also help increase your quality of sleep, mainly due to the natural sunlight as it helps to set the body’s natural internal clock telling us when we should eat and sleep, and normalises hormonal functions that occur at specific times of the day.

So are you ready and raring to get yourself outdoors? Here’s a list of fun ways to get outside and enjoy the benefits of what Mother Nature has to share with us:

  1. Make the act of being outside a habitual one

Why not take a morning or evening walk every day? You’ll be surprised by how things start to improve in your life when you feel better about everything.

  1. Book a holiday in relaxing, picturesque places

We have an abundance of those for you here at Quality Unearthed- take the time to explore what’s around the place you’re staying – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Go walking.

We mention this in the introduction but whether you’re hiking or cruising along on a bicycle at your own pace, there’s a lot to be said for finding a nice little trail that leads you along some of the locals scenic spots.


  1. Take a seat- outside.

Let’s be honest, most if not all of us are overworking ourselves most of the time in some form or another. Just take a break. Give sitting outside quietly and just appreciate the surroundings. Pure natural beauty combined with delightful scents and beautiful sounds allow you to simply drift away into the moment you’re in.


  1. Pledge yourself to the outdoors come rain or shine.

When you’re layered properly, you can enjoy the outdoors in any season, cold, wet or hot. Don’t forget about the fun and healthy outdoor activities available during the rainy or cold months—these are the times that we have even less outdoor interaction, but may be when we need it the most!

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