exciting new eco-adventure novel published to inspire kids to head outside more

Research has proved that children who spend more time outside enjoying nature have better health, suffer less anxiety, have longer attention spans, and possess the ability to handle the challenges of their school years, around the middle school period. But sadly, we often associate early adolescent girls and boys with spending more time on social media sites, smartphones, and tablets as a source of entertainment.

A girl holding a collection of books, and an apple in her classroom after a luxury camping UK break.

A new children’s novel, The Order of the Trees, is here to try and get children to change their views on what is an interesting and exciting way to spend their free time. Obviously a luxury camping UK break would show them the way, and if they read this particular book beforehand they’d no doubt be even more excited about what’s to come.

In the novel the characters discover their friendship and what the power of the forest holds in their lives. Recently published on May 1, this book is one way to inspire and build up the excitement of middle school students to consider their local natural areas as an enticing place to visit, and how they can experience them with friends too.

The main character, named Cedar, was found as a baby deep in the Vermont woods. The story takes a flash forward to her first year in secondary school and she couldn’t be more different than the other children. She finds her first real friend and shares her forest home with him. He quickly discovers her secret and has to race against the odds in order to find a plan to save their sacred woods.

It is the author, Katy Reynolds’, hope that children of this age, along with their parents, will find this book inspiring to use their passions, interests and creativity to seek out and preserve the magic found in our local woodlands, ponds, streams and outdoor habitats. Being a tween means you can be, and do, so much more than today’s stereotype allows for, the author proclaims. And she wants kids to put down their tablets and smart phones and head into the woods or the neighbourhood park. You never know what you might find something there that could change your life!

Image: Anders Ruff Custom Designs under Creative Commons.

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