fancy being the wildlife trust’s newest hedgehog officer?

Have you just arrived back from a Glamping UK trip after seeing some of the amazing wildlife in the area and thought ‘I’d love to look after these little guys as a job’? Well here’s your chance! There’s a Hedgehog Officer’s role opening with the Wildlife Trust.

A hedgehog near Quality Unearthed

Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) has recently advertised for the role, which is certain to be a much-coveted position, likely to cause Suffolk WT to be inundated with applications.

SWT said: “We are looking for an inspirational individual who will be the face of hedgehog conservation in Ipswich. You will use your knowledge of nature conservation and hedgehog ecology to lead an ambitious project seeking to make Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK.”

So what will the successful applicant be expected to do in their new role, I hear you ask? Well, they will be required, work with local residents, helping to create a street-by-street network of hedgehog accessible habitat, as well as keeping a close eye on all hedgehog activity.

The position comes with a £24,000 salary, all for looking after hedgehogs, which isn’t too bad really, is it?

There’s some more to the job, which includes being good at public speaking, have some A-Level qualifications, along with IT knowledge, some previous experience in conservation and arguably most importantly, a good background knowledge of hedgehogs.

You’ve got until 13th July to get your application in, so you’d best be quick!

The role is set to be funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and British Hedgehog Preservation Society, with Suffolk Wildlife Trust stating that their aim is to create an entirely hedgehog-friendly town, and you could be part of it!

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