fashion editor and snowboarder swap city life for countryside yurt living

There are people who reside in highly-priced apartments and houses, who dream of the chance to get away from the city life and enjoy the natural and slow-paced nature of country living. One couple have done just that by showing that life isn’t always about being in the heart of the action.

Mollie and Sean Busby’s yurt in northern Montana – Quality Unearthed

Mollie and Sean Busby are making a life, living off the grid, in a yurt nestled in America’s northern Montana. Their yurt doesn’t have central heating or running water, and there’s certainly not a supermarket in sight. Just how the Busbys want it.

Writing in a Solarlife article in 2015 Mollie said: ‘This way of life that we’ve created for ourselves – literally, by building this yurt with our bare hands – has been the most eye opening, team-building adventure of our lives’.


Sean, a professional snowboarder lives with type 1 diabetes, and runs a charity called Riding On Insulin, which helps to bring sufferers of the disease together at snowboarding events.


Mollie, a high-earning fashion editor, loved everything Sean was doing with his charity and it wasn’t long before she quit everything to help Sean take the charity to another level.


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While working away on a snowboarding project in Montana, they had the thought of moving there permanently. This wasn’t just a passing phase for them and now Mollie and Sean say, this is for life.


They’ve set aside time to talk about how they’re going to raise a family there too.


‘We can lay in bed and listen to the owls hooting across the canopy. We spend more time on dishes because we don’t have a dishwasher. We carry in wood from the woodshed each day together to keep our heat source alive. This life, yurt life, has shown us that despite the pace of the world today, it is possible to slow down.’ An extract from Mollie’s Solarlife article reads.


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