feast on these four forage foods & learn how to cook them too!

Here at Quality Unearthed, we love activities that tie in with our luxury camping UK holidays and that includes foraging. We have previously covered this before, but now that the summer is in full swing, we thought that we would give you some more great edible plant options that can be found among the local woodlands and hedgerows not only near our glamping spots, but near where you live too!

So here’s four tasty natural treats for you to forage for, and we’ve even got some information on how you can cook them so that you need not fret about getting it wrong. Bon apetit, and happy foraging, folks!

Meadowsweet can be picked when on glamping UK holidays



Meadowsweet can be picked when on glamping UK holidays







Meadowsweet has a renowned reputation for its benefits in regards to medicine of the herbal persuasion, and for those who are in the know, they will be aware that it was featured in aspirin development. Ideally, you want to be sourcing this particular plant in July as this is the best month of full bloom so keep your eyes peeled in damper locations; bogs, ditches, or marshes for example.

You can consume the leaves and flowers, and you can look forward to leaves tasting similar to cucumber, with the flowers resembling sweetened almonds. If you’re keen to experiment with the plant, you can make your own homemade drinks, including cordials, wine, and teas that have a lovely aromatic flavour to them.



Chickweed can be picked when on glamping UK holidays









You can find chickweed habitually throughout the UK in gardens mostly, and this weed offers little, edible white flowers. Prevalent during the spring to late autumn time, you’re sure to get a nice collection of chickweed during this period.

You can add the leaves as a garnish, or add to some salads as an alternative and interesting different option to the usual contents. Furthermore, if you’re looking to add to other dishes and meals, it can be teamed with poultry and fish dishes to give them some added substance, and you can even use it to make a tasty pesto.



Chanterelle can be picked when on glamping UK holidays









One of the most eye-catching mushrooms in the UK can be found in woodland areas from July time and are quite difficult to miss!

These mushrooms are entirely different to the typical mushrooms that you’d see in the local markets, such as the chestnut variety as they offer a fruitier taste with firmer flesh to it. Similar to lots of other various mushrooms though, it’s ideal to add to a pasta dish once cooked in up in some butter or a splash of oil beforehand.


Fat hen

Fat hen can be picked when on glamping UK holidays









Interestingly, this lovely wild food is seen as something of a wild type of spinach, and offer high nutritious properties that you can benefit from. In fact, the fat hen, or pig weed, as its also unfortunately known as, was part of the diet of our ancestors.

You can spot this plant through its distinctive diamond-shaped leaves covered with faint white hairs. Aim to harvest the tender leaves and flower heads and take from the top of the plant. Given the fact that it tastes similar to spinach, you can use this as a direct alternative. Other uses for the fat hen include a fascinating dressing when combined with olive oil, capers, and parsley.


Images courtesy of TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋), Kaldari and Andreas Kunze under Creative Commons.

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