The hardcore glamping purists would argue that technology such as mobile phones should be banished until the holiday is over. However, sometimes people might just need to check for something important while they’re enjoying their time away in Pembrokeshire yurts or wherever they are taking in the treats of glamping. And if you love the thought of owning a phone that is ethical to match your ethics on life then the new Fairphone could be for you.
The Co-op Fairphone | First Ethical Mobile Phone |  Sustainable Living Like Glamping Holidays UKThe Fairphone is being promoted as the first ever smartphone to be free from “conflict minerals”. This appealing new mobile device touched down in the UK in mid-October, after the Phone Co-op penned an exclusive distribution deal for the new technology.

The Phone Co-op is the only consumer-owned mobile phone operator in the United Kingdom.

The advances in the production of the Fairphone came as a result of the concerns that popular and widely used mainstream smartphones are often reliant on minerals sourced from conflict zones and can also be manufactured in factories that aren’t coming up to scratch as far as meeting high labour and environmental standards are concerned.

Global manufacturers such as Apple and Nokia have initiated a host of enterprises in recent years to boost their environmental credentials, but the team behind the Fairphone maintain there is pent up demand for a smartphone that sees ethical standards as a main focal point for its sales.

The tin and tantalum used in the production of the Fairphone are sourced using the Conflict Free Tin Initiative and the Solutions for Hope sustainable supply chain initiatives. These efforts are to put forward a bid to ensure the materials are sourced from conflict-free mines.

Furthermore, the phone is produced under a pioneering contract that funds a worker-controlled welfare fund for investment in the local community.

A little information regarding the phone itself reveals that it uses micro-USB charging standards, you can replace the battery – a move that will impress many- and also features two SIM slots so that owners can use the same handset as both a work and personal phone. These measures of production have been taken as the makers aim to reduce the level of e-waste associated with mobile phones.

The Fairphone will be available from £22 a month through the Co-operative Mobile and from £21.50 a month, excluding VAT, from the Co-operative Business Telecoms according to The Co-op Phone.

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