We all know that being outdoors is good for you, and if you didn’t, you do now! Fresh air does all kinds of good for our respiratory systems and time in the sun (with sun cream on) generates vitamin D which is a vital vitamin for healthy bones. Furthermore, research from all over the globe is uncovering a range of reasons why time spent in the natural world is crucial to the healthy functioning of both mind and body.

A happy glamper enjoying the outdoors at a glamping UK destination

The positive effects of a natural environment are there for all to capture. From relieving mental fatigue – thus improving attention span, memory, and cognition to the fact that our minds flourish when outdoors, meaning it’s not only good for planet Earth, but also essential to our own happiness and health, means you really do need to head for the outdoors.


Whether you’re playing with your children at one of our glamping UK destinations, or getting lost in the woods nearby, we have five reasons why you NEED to get outdoors!



Heading for some time in the woods or the forests is a proven activity to sooth our minds and bodies. Some time spent in amongst the trees has a positive impact on alleviating our stress levels and ensuring we have reduced blood pressure. By engrossing yourself in the outdoors you are opening up yourself to a world of reduced stress levels, not to mention warding off symptoms of depression.



Have you ever noticed just how good nature sounds? The sounds we engage with daily, whether you realise or not, have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of us all. Studies suggest that humans are reassured by the sounds of bird song. We innately feel that everything is A-Okay if we can hear the birds singing.



You know how we mentioned how good nature sounds? Well it smells pretty good too! Given that our sense of smell is closely associated to the regions of the brain that processes emotion, it’s a smart move to be around things that help your moods.


The aromas and scents that we inhale have an instant and profound impact, and being around trees and plants – which emit phytoncides – means you benefit from the volatile organic compound and wood essential oil phytoncides give off. These benefits include slowing down breathing and the moderating of anxiety.



When you enjoy nature you are aiding the creative person in you. David Strayer, Ph.D., a professor of Cognition and Neural Science at the University of Utah cites that: “Modern multitasking overtaxes brain areas that are involved in suppressing distractions, thinking creatively, and developing a sense of identity.”


Water therapy

Being in or around water has a double whammy of benefits; for body and soul. The University of Exeter’s Medicine School findings in a recent research study documented how vital a role water has in terms of our wellbeing in the psychological sense.


Areas near water are teeming with negative ions, and these ions act as natural antidepressants. Therefore, if you are enjoying a pleasant walk next lakes, reservoirs, or along river banks, for example, you are going to benefit from greater emotional health. If you are happy to dive on in, you can expect to experience your blood vessels dilating from the cool water which promotes the ousting of toxins in the body as well as releasing endorphins to make us feel much better.

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