five superfoods to help keep you young!

Ageing is arguably the most natural thing that we can do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay young at heart! So while you’re keeping your younger self going and not letting age affect you (we advise looking at luxury camping in Wales to help), there are a number of ‘superfoods’ that you can add to your lifestyle to help you stay younger for longer!

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Olive oil

Olive oil is great! It provides us with healthy fats, including omega-3 and monounsaturated fatty acids. Additionally, olive oil offers us a superb source of polyphenols, which is found in cold and flu medication, due to the fact it has strong antioxidants. We need those in our bodies to help balance out the free radicals, which can make us unwell. Make sure, if you’re cooking, that you keep it at a fairly low temperature. If heated too highly, olive oil’s structure can be damaged, which results in it converting the good fats we mentioned into saturated fats (the bad type).


Love it or hate it, broccoli is a superfood absolutely packed with nutrients! Broccoli provides us with an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is good for the winter months, as well as fibre, and there is also a chemical called sulforaphane in the vegetable. Sulforaphane is responsible for activating a series of antioxidant enzymes and genes in our cells which help to prevent those pesky free radicals from damaging your cells.


Yoghurt is a good one because it can be bought in many forms and flavours which means most people can enjoy them. They provide us with a great source of both protein and calcium. Both these things assist preventing our bones and muscles from deteriorating. What’s more is that yoghurt also provides our bodies with billions of good bacteria, located in our gut. It’s these bacteria that help the breaking down process when we eat food, and assist in shifting any harmful toxins in the body. A little known fact is that for optimum results, it is recommended that yoghurt is eaten at room temperature.

Red wine

Most people love a good drop of red every now and then, right? Well, when the rouge is consumed in moderation, it can be the source of anti-ageing, thanks largely to the compound contained within it, called resveratrol. This compound contributes to many health benefits. It’s worth noting that white wine does not contain as much resveratrol as red wine, so you can’t really substitute red for white, sorry! As if we had to sell red wine anymore, it also contains nutrients and antioxidants which protect arteries and the lining of blood vessels, and this can help to prevent heart disease. Great! Males should consume up to two glasses of wine per week, while females should consume no more than one a week in order to gain the benefits.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate containing a high cocoa content can also be advantageous for your health, and this is because of the minerals it contains. Potassium, copper, iron and zinc are four of the minerals you can find contained within dark chocolate, along with more of the ever-present antioxidants. Cocoa beans boast a higher antioxidant volume than any other food, and the high concentration of antioxidant flavanols found in chocolate are able to help reduce the inflammation of the skin caused by exposure to UV light.

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