five themed walks for autumnal family breaks

If you are going on one of our yurt holidays this autumn and you are going as a family, you might well want to combine your outdoor activities with some fun learning at the same time.

Autumnal grass, trees and leaves near Quality Unearthed

We’ve got some interesting nature-based ideas for making those walks that little bit more interesting for the younger members of the family, if a walk isn’t something that they are too keen on.

Take a look at these five great ideas you might want to have a go at:


Nature Walk

Do a little bit of research on the area you plan to go walking, or ask a local, then set out on a walk, and give it the theme of whatever aspect of nature you are looking to discover. That way the kids can say they’ve been on a ‘flower walk’, or an ‘insect walk’ and simply see what they can come across when they are being really attentive. You can help out of course, if you need to. You can get them to carry a jotter and a pen/pencil so that they can note down anything they do see, or draw it if it is still enough for them to do so.


Letter-of-the-day Walk

For this walk you simply need to select your ‘letter-of-the-day’. Pick any letter of the alphabet you fancy, obviously some will be more difficult than others, but it can be any one you want it to be. All you have to do then is see how many objects your children can find that begin with the chosen letter while you’re on your walk. For older children, why not get them to take out a pen and jotter so they can note the items they come across? By doing this they are creating a log book of everything they have found, which can be referred to in future.


All the Senses Walk

This walk gives you the chance to get children engaging with their sight, sound, taste, touch and smell while out in the outdoors. Ideas such as going on a Touch Walk mean you can ask your little explorers to close their eyes, while you put a small object you have found into their cupped hands and then they can try and describe how it feels and guess what the item is. Try getting them to try using other senses such as listening out for as many different sounds as they can and guessing what/who made the noise. Asking them to taste something can be a little more difficult, so perhaps try some herbs or spices from a local market, in this instance.


Colour Walk

A great option for the autumn time because there is such an abundance of alluring colours around thanks to Mother Nature. Just choose one colour, and then get your children to source out as many things they can while they are out walking which match the colour you’ve chosen.


Shape Walk

This sounds easy, but can be tricky, so it might be worth letting the little ones have some leeway here. You pick a shape, then they see how many objects they can find that are also the same shape. If you have older children, why not get them to keep an eye out for geometric shapes, like cones and cubes?

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