florida’s first earthship is up for sale

For over a decade, Michael and Denise Pfalzer worked towards a dream of living a completely sustainable life in an Earthship.

Close up of an Earthship wall similar to our eco camping pods

For those of you who are unaware, an Earthship is an energy-efficient home which is constructed from recycled materials like tin cans, rubber tyres and wine bottles, whilst also using solar power for electricity and rainwater plumbing.

Now, unfortunately, they are looking to sell their unfinished project – the first in Florida – for $225,000. Not only do you get the project, which is said to be around 70 per cent complete, but you also get the entire 9.5 acre plot it is built on. Not bad, eh!

The Earthship’s walls are built using recycled tyres and beer cans, which Pfalzer had spent many years collecting before the build began.

Rainwater gathered from the rooftop would be used for drinking, flushing toilets and washing dishes, before it seeps out into the garden and nourishes the plants. Although it does not include any air conditioning, it would maintain a cool temperature thanks to a cave-like design.

The Pfalzers first acquired the land to build their Earthship, before starting the project in 2008. They were soon joined by a non-profit organisation called Earthship Florida formed and helped work towards the goal of completing the build.

The build was described as very labour intensive, and the Pfalzers got as far as they could on the money they had, forcing them to sell up.

It its current state, the Earthship lacks a roof, interior walls and a solar panel system. If anyone is looking for a project and has (a lot of!) spare money knocking about, this might be the one for you!

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Photo courtesy of theregeneration on Flickr, under Creative Commons

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