french law sees all new commercial rooftops fitted with solar panels or plants

A ground-breaking new law for the French has recently been passed that means it is obligatory for all new buildings built in commercial zones in the country to be partially covered in either plants or solar panels.

On the green roof of the Mountain Equipment Co-op store in Toronto, Canada.

Affectionately known as green roofs, they have an isolating effect which assists in reducing the amount of energy needed to heat a building during the winter or cool it in the summer. They have the ability to retain rainwater and decrease problems with runoff. Another plus point is that these roofs provide birds and wildlife a place to call home in these built up concrete jungles.

French environmental activists were gunning for a law that would see all new roofs to be covered totally. However, partially covered roofs most certainly make for a very positive start, setting a great example to the rest of the world, with an impressive step in the right direction.

Furthermore, green roofs are already very popular in neighbouring Germany and further afield, in Australia, as well as Toronto in Canada too!

Let’s hope that something similar to France’s innovative new law can be passed in this country, and even worldwide, so that we can all adopt this amazing idea to reap all of the potential benefits.

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Image: Wikipedia under Creative Commons.

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