from glamping breaks to bikes uk online shoppers like to check with a friend first

Whether it’s a glamping UK vacation or a new bike, online shoppers in the UK like to get a second opinion, a new study has shown, with a significant number (three quarters) of people claiming they’re keen to seek the opinion of someone else before they buy what they’re after online.

A pair of siblings enjoying a glamping UK holiday

1,000 people from over 15 countries were included in the new study, which featured the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and Belgium, focussed on the online buying behaviour of people who’d made a purchase online in the last 30 days.

Results of the study highlighted that the mainstream number of shoppers on a global scale (78%) who opt to buy online like to get the opinion of family or a friend before the go ahead and commit to whatever it is they are purchasing.

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