george clarke looking for vintage properties for new restoration programme

George Clark, known largely for his architectural work, but more so for presenting the popular TV programme, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, is now hosting a brand new project.

George Clarke, lover of unique luxury camping UK accommodation

The new show will see Clarke searching out people who are wanting to give their vintage and/or period property a significant interior renovation. Clarke’s quest will take him on a search the width and breadth of the UK to feature the properties in his new show, George Clarke’s House Rules.


In what will be a familiar premise to avid viewers of his previous shows, including Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces, Clarke will use his knowledge and expertise to help owners blend the old with the new in order to create abodes fit for modern living while still preserving all the original character and charm.


Many people find that they are unsure what is actually worth restoring or upcycling, and what they should keep or send to be recycled. You can expect to see London, Cornwall Leicester and Canterbury being scouted as part of the show, mainly due to their diverse housing architecture.


As you would expect, Clarke himself is particularly excited about the challenges he’s set to come up against during the upcoming series, saying: “The problem is so many of us live in homes where generations of previous owners, developers and DIYers have wrecked the interiors and left us confused about what to do. We are terrified of tearing out features that may be the must-have selling points of tomorrow.


“I want to create architectural interiors that correct past mistakes, restore what is authentic, while at the same time transforming those spaces to suit the way we live in the 21st century”.


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Image: George Clarke under Creative Commons.

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