If you’re looking for the ideal location for your luxury camping holidays, we might have a fantastic solution! This Mongolian yurt not only looks fabulous from the outside, but the inside too. The warm orange glow will brighten up your day no matter what the weather, with spectacular structural features left uncovered on the inside. The yurt is located on a raised section of decking looking out onto a wild flower meadow and surrounded by plenty of woodland – what could be a better vision to wake up to?

mongolian yurt inside


Shaki is a generous 7 metres in diameter, providing more than enough space for a comfortable stay in such a characteristic environment. Sleeping 6 people overall, the yurt holds a double and four single futons. These all transform from sofas throughout the day into comfortable beds for the night-time. This could transform your traditional camping holidays into a luxurious stay, the comfort of a bed but still living within such a nature-filled environment.

A wood burner is located in the centre for warmth and comfort on the colder nights. Combine this with the magical lighting of fairy lights, candles and lamps and it creates a perfect relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy an evening relaxing indoors with friends or family in our luxury glamping retreat located in North Wales.

Outside facilities

The kitchen area is located right next door to the yurt, with a dining table just outside, creating the perfect opportunity to commune together in a group effort to make a meal. The kitchen contains all you could need: a gas stove, fridge utensils and a cold water sink. Another bonus feature is The Fire Brazier, allowing you to create your own pizza masterpiece – a great way to make meal times fun, particularly for families.

outside dining area in mongolian yurt

For day time meals, we recommend taking a picnic into the 23 acres of woodland, getting closer to nature and enjoying the fresh air! The woodland also has a giant hammock net for your enjoyment. The surrounding area provides plenty of other entertainment such as; the scenic coastal paths and beaches, Three Cliffs Bay, a selection of local pubs and other several local attractions. Get out and about to make the most of your time in the wonderful area of North Wales.

outside area

The Shiva yurt is located not far from Shaki, providing accommodation for a further six people for those wishing to have a larger glamping adventure.

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