Take glamping to the next level, staying in our 1920s style ‘palace on wheels’. The history of the wagon tells its own life story of a genuine circus performer that would have hosted the ring master and circus owner on their travels.

Ninks circus wagon available from Quality Unearthed


The decorative interior creates unique character within, perfect to home you during your UK glamping holidays. Almost like a personal museum, there are many little treasures within that help to transport you back in time and add to your experience. The best feature of this wagon would certainly be its history. Partnered with the surroundings that include a nearby wildlife filled woodland and lake within very close proximity, why not book to stay with us in our treasured wagon?

The wagon has several attractive features both inside and out that can accommodate you for a perfect glamping experience. This takes the hassle out of traditional tent camping, giving you the luxury of a roof over your head whilst still enjoying an exciting adventure and engaging in the wonderful outside experience, providing the perfect balance between a cosy homely experience and an outdoor adventure.

Not far from your new home you will find Ellesmere, a market town with plenty of lakes and walks to visit on your glamping holiday. Other attractions around the local area include Hawkestone Park golf course and Follies, Chirk and Whittington Castles. If you have a furry friend you would like to bring along for the journey we allow one pet – let them run free in the woodland and get a taste of the fresh air.

The quirky interior forms a magical atmosphere, with twinkling lights to make the room sparkle in the evening. A log burner completes the home away from home feel to make your experience as comfortable as can be, where you can toast marshmallows over a crackling fire on those nights when the weather outside is not so perfect.

ninks interiors

The bedroom is quaint but comfortable and sleeps 2 people on a double cabin style bed. This wagon is perfect for a romantic mini-break away in the countryside to enjoy nature in a stress free, relaxed environment. For larger groups of four there is Romany Rose Vickars, another wagon available on site also sleeping 2 persons.

Although the cooking facilities may seem minimalistic, the kitchen provides a microwave kettle and toaster, the basic necessities that you will need. Why not try getting outside with the BBQ and experience a camping adventure from the comfort of your wagon?  Or if not, take the opportunity to go for a walk and soak up the scenic views and take your own picnic.

If this sounds like your ideal holiday, get planning now for your romantic break in a completely unique experience.

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