glamping and ecotourism is a match made in heaven!

Statistics have shown that nature-based speciality travel, known as ecotourism, makes up seven per cent of international travel, which is proof that this type of holidaying format, including glamping holidays, is considerably popular to a large portion of staycationers.

Shepherd's hut glamping from Quality Unearthed

Further to this news, forecasts from The World Tourist Organisation in 2015 estimated that the ecotourism market sector will be the fastest growing sector within the tourist industry up until 2020 as well.

We have put together a number of points that back up why glamping and ecotourism are such a harmonious match. We will also show how as a partnership they work hand in hand to fulfil the needs of tourists wanting their vacation time to be as natural and as low impact on the environment as it possibly can be.


The four key principles of ecotourism include:

1.Minimising the negative impact on nature and culture.

2.Assisting in educating the significance of conservation.

3.Interacting with responsible businesses which consciously strive to meet the needs of their local environmental and conservation efforts.

4.Relying on an infrastructure which has been established in harmony with the local environment.


Currently all of these aspects combine to make up the foundations of glamping, luxury and cool camping holiday options.

Over a relatively small timespan a growing desire for authentic and genuine holidays amongst consumers has been demonstrated and the business they interact with. This is backed up by the ever-growing popularity of local farmers’ markets, produce markets, organic food, local crafts, Fair Trade, and all in all people simply becoming more ‘earth friendly’ and being more considerate and aware of their surroundings, businesses and people they come to interact with.

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