If you’ve been enticed by all the talk and excitement that surrounds the holidaying option that is glamping, but you’re a bit behind the times and aren’t 100 percent up to speed on what a glamping holiday is, then don’t despair, your friends at Quality Unearthed are here to help!

Buttercup safari tent luxury camping abode with Quality Unearthed

The term glamping stems from the amalgamation of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Glamping is essentially a hybrid of the age old form of accommodation that is camping, which as we’re sure you’re aware, involves sleeping under the stars with the basics and a tent. However, glamping takes things up a few notches and allows you the kind of accommodation and facilities that appeal to those looking for a more luxurious and comfort-orientated break that you just cannot get with traditional camping.

With glamping it’s all about gaining a pure, natural, relaxing experience that other holidays just can’t provide. That’s what makes glamping so unique! By choosing such holidays as treehouse glamping breaks, or yurt holidays, you’re opening yourself and your loved ones up to an opportunity to immerse yourself in the unsurpassable beauty and stunning surroundings. Then there’s all that delicious fresh air that expels the stresses and tensions associated with daily life with every breath.

Glamping is all about allowing yourself to get in touch with nature but without sacrificing that comfort and lack of facilities.

As glamping has evolved and grown with the times and indeed its popularity, it has seen more forms of travel accommodation being associated or classed as glamping, mostly due to its unusual or unique nature. When things started it was more about having a few more creature comforts, but now glamping has evolved into its own, and everyone wants to enjoy the fruits of this exceptional style of holiday. There’s treehouses, yurts, gypsy wagons, geo-domes, safari tents, shepherd’s huts, and even canal boats that make up some of the wonderful options available to people looking to dive into the glamping experience!

If you were looking to clearly define a glamping location, you would associate it with the following key points, such as the structure being free-standing and self-contained, opening out to reveal natural land/seascapes and as we mentioned earlier, creature comforts are inclusive.

Glamping is a way of letting people from all backgrounds, of all ages, enjoy the simpler things in life but not basic facilities. Just consider the locally sourced produce, to nature, wildlife, and ever-lasting memories that only glamping stays can give you, there’s never been a better time to book your very own jolly!

If you would like to know more about the accommodation that we offer here at Quality Unearthed, then contact us today on 01348 830922, or email info@qualityunearthed.co.uk and we can help you find the perfect luxury camping abode for your individual needs.

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