If we didn’t need another excuse to go glamping, it has been proven that this type of holiday is good for your health. Glamping has grown in popularity over the last few years or so, and in 2016, 4 in 10 people went glamping or camping. By 2020, it is expected that there will be a massive 21 million trips like this taken in the United Kingdom alone. Additionally, these UK-based glamping holidays will boost the economy by a staggering £2.3 billion.glamping yurt

However, glamping isn’t just a great experience, but it can also boast many health benefits. Okay, so we already know that being outside has numerous health benefits, but glamping has a number of additional benefits which can be great for both your physical and mental health.

When you are glamping, you are often exposed to fresh and clean air; it has already been proven that exposure to the outdoors will improve your health in numerous ways. The added benefit of exercise and getting out and about will get your blood pumping leading to you becoming stress-free.

One of the other benefits of glamping is getting a good night’s sleep. Once you are away from the sound of roads and even away from your electronic devices it can dramatically improve your sleeping pattern. Once you have had a great night’s sleep you can wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated and take a nice stroll around where the glamping abode is; and what can be better than doing exercise without knowing that you are doing it!

In addition to the positive impact that being active has on your body, it can have an effect on your mood and happiness. When you are more active, and your blood starts pumping, your body actually releases a chemical called dopamine. Once your brain releases this, your body experiences happiness.

If you are already quite an active person, then you may not feel that this additional outdoor time with added exercise is not really going to benefit you that much. Well, that may not quite be the case, as an hour’s cardio with a weight workout is very good but it doesn’t have the fresh air the countryside provides. Along with the endorphins and dopamine pumping through your body, it is also proven that breathing fresh air is also extremely good for your health.

As the number of locations for glamping grows so does the idea and designs of the accommodation. You can live in total luxury deep in the wilds of Britain. They can span from treehouse glamping, cabins, huts, eco-pods and even yurts, and if you are lucky, you may even find one which has its own private hot tub! Don’t forget that glamping isn’t just for the warmer months, but it can be even more enjoyable during autumn and winter, and no matter what your tastes are, you will be certain to find a glamping abode that will exceed all your expectations. Remember to take a look at our wide range of glamping abodes which are available over the forthcoming colder months!

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