We’ve all been there before when you can’t decide on a holiday destination with a loved one or group of friends. But sometimes it comes down to a little bit of compromise. Historically, there have been some notable compromises people have gone worked out, for example, not keen on meat, but you love the idea of a burger? Easy, dive into a veggie burger. We’re sure you can come up with compromises of your own!

A couple toasting marshmallows on an open fire outside our luxury camping safari tents

We digress, but if you’re looking to book a holiday then glamping is certainly amongst one of the best compromises and collaborations there have ever been. For anyone who aims to enjoy the outdoors, but simply can’t bring themselves to sacrifice the home comforts, there is glamping… Now just to decide on a location and type of abode.


The most common thought is that glamping is a mashup of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. Luxury camping is also a universal word composition used. Essentially, glamping is the act of sleeping in nature with all the creature comforts of home.


Staycations are on the rise in the UK and we can understand why when you have such wonderful options, and that’s just the options in for glamping!


What is glamping?


What is seen as the traditional form of glamping is typically enjoyed in yurts or canvas luxury camping safari tents. The term has rapidly developed to include gypsy wagons, treehouse glamping, eco pods, log cabins, and even narrowboats!


Each of these glamping venues may differ provisionally on a series of factors, one includes the location. Common additions to your glamping facility include some sort of kitchen, real beds, rugs, wood floors, comfy bedding and décor, wash rooms, electricity, lights, heat and, most prominently, wonderful views and superb surroundings.


A history of glamping


The long and the short of it is that the privilege of laying claim to the true history of glamping still has yet to be recognised. The term glamping was not around then, but the Turkish Ottomans used to set up spectacular tent cities as a mobile palace for the sultan. These luxurious tents were complete with silk fabrics, embroidery, and expensive rugs.

These early tent cities seem to link to early origins of the yurt.

Again, it is difficult to find, but Bronze Age rock etchings in Siberia appear to show what is thought to be yurts in use. The earliest complete yurt to be discovered was found in a 12th century grave in the North Mongolian Mountains of Khentai.


Fast forward to the early 1900’s in Africa. Wealthy American and European travellers demanded luxuries while on safari trips. They were all up for experiencing a wild adventure outdoors, but didn’t want to rough it without comforts of things like a luxury-style bed. These canvas safari tents usually included nice Persian rugs, luxurious bedding, and even a personal chef to prepare their meals.


Whatever the true history of glamping, we are pleased it happened as this gives us the opportunity to share it with you after you have experienced what it is we have to offer in terms of glamping at its finest while being at one with nature.

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