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This week has seen the majority of the country washed out with rain, and let’s be honest, the winter in the UK can be rather wet and windy, but that doesn’t have to put a dampener on your glamping experience.

Every adult remembers what it’s like to be a child on a camping trip in the pouring rain and know all too well how a lack of things to do can make a glamping trip feel like you’ve been there for an eternity, no matter how plush the accommodation is! You can’t go outside, and are stuck inside listening to your kids start to bicker.

Read below to see 5 pointers on what to do and what to bring on your glamping trip to eliminate the potential fall out if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


  • A laptop and/or portable DVD player is kind of against the grain for a camping/glamping trip but will become a lifesaver when the rains ceases to stop. Pack some snacks and drinks, pull out some cosy blankets and watch some family movies whilst listening to the wind and rain outside.


  • Board games, portable hand held computers, colouring books, old comics and toys are great depending on the age of your young ones. If you do decide to bust out the Monopoly try not to fly into the Christmas rages that family Monopoly games often result in. After all, you will be sharing this cosy space come bedtime.


  • Embrace the rain by making sure you have the correct clothing if you want to go and explore. Wrap your kids in waterproof onesies and wellies and let them explore nature in the rain. The rain brings a whole new experience to nature, with the sounds of water hitting trees, leaves and other fauna as well as that ‘wood smell’ that permeates in the forest after the rain comes through.


  • Arts and crafts box. Pack a small box with notebooks, pads, pens, glue, paint, glitter, scissors, crepe paper and any other artistic materials, and let your child’s imagination run as wild as the rain! If they get covered in materials you can just put them outside to wash off!


  • Shadow Show. Group your little ones together and organise a shadow show on the inside wall of your glamping accommodation. Get the children to think of a story with animals (they’re the easiest shadows to recreate) and using a torch make shadows depicting them within a story.


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