google’s new pixel phone ad is an ad for glamping too!

For the tech-savvy glampers among you, you’ll be aware that October has been a month filled with lots of news around Google Pixel.

Alisha Marie glamping in a Google ad like you can with Quality Unearthed

If you weren’t in the loop, this is referring to the latest smartphone from Google. For the glamping purist, smartphone chat isn’t going to be the most appealing subject ever raised, but they have decided to market their phone in a way that all of us who know about glamping can really connect and associate with – a video of glamping!

The video in question features Alisha Marie (a famous YouTube Vlogger) on a glamping trip, and in the video she helps to highlight the capabilities of the Google Pixel’s camera, with the 12-megapixel camera and its ability to record in 4K, which is surely something to attract treehouse glamping visitors, with the views that are waiting to be taken advantage of!

You can watch the video from Google here:


Image and video courtesy of Google.

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