What music do you like to listen to when you are on your way to work or relaxing at home? Is there anything that instantly perks you up? Is it hip-hop? Probably not I hear you say. Well now there are claims that if you aren’t listening to hip-hop and you fancied avoiding the feeling of depression then you should press play on some of this popular genre.

Cool Hip Hip Pin | Study Claims Hip  Hop Treats Depression | Be Happy With Music And GlampingWhile we specialise in making people happy through vacations including Wales glamping trips and treehouse holidays hip-hop has been found to boost individuals’ sense of self-knowledge and empowerment through its dense and introspective lyrics that are often used within tracks.

Hip Hop Psych, a social venture, has been put together by a neuroscientist at the Cambridge University department of psychiatry which endorses the use of this specific genre of music on order to aid the treatment of mental illness, citing that an awareness of mental health is omnipresent in hip-hop.

It is common understanding that for those who have a limited knowledge or experience of depression might associate listening to “happy” music would be your best bet, it seems there is a liberation in hearing about other people’s struggles and how they overcame them. This is something that hip-hop does to good effect as many a track is laced with genuine struggles the artist has overcome in their lifetime.

If this study is realised, then the research could see patients seeking therapy being asked to write about their feelings and where they see themselves in the future using rap-form.

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