The community members from Runnymede Eco-Village in Egham, Surrey are today celebrating an historic win following their application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal, declaring rights under Magna Carta, which was adjourned by a High Court judge.

A close up of the Magna Carta text written in times when glamping UK was a standard way of life

Pete Phoenix, one of the defendants, proclaimed this as a “major victory for civil liberties and land rights”, as bailiffs for luxury property developers at the Runnymede site have been instructed to stand down following the High Court in London decision to grant them a stay of execution in the proceedings of possession.

At present the land is wanted by Orchid Runnymede Limited who are looking to develop it along with the Royalton Group for those wanting to buy in the elite property market. 

Mr Justice Knowles prohibited the paving of the way for Orchid Runnymede’s enforcement of a summary order of possession and directed them to instantly stand down bailiffs who had arrived at the village prior to this momentous hearing.

Additionally, the judge ruled that the stay of execution was required so the Court of Appeal would be able to appropriately evaluate whether the eco-village inhabitants were given a full and fair hearing in Guildford County Court on 15th June, which happened to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The case in defence of the villagers featured declarations of rights under the Magna Carta, its companion Charter of the Forest and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Justice Knowles recognised the powerful symbolism of the competing interests in this “exceptional” case.

Lovers of glamping really do need to be thankful that, when visitors stay in glamping South Wales abodes and other across the UK for a break, this is a pleasure and a luxury some are fighting for to live in daily.


Image: anselor under Creative Commons.

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