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As part of our popular ‘How to Live…’ series, we’re adding to it with the latest instalment; How to Live in a Log Cabin.

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As in previous features, we will be considering the solutions and tips that relate how to live in a cabin. You might be thinking, is it too big a task to take the plunge and commit to living in a cabin as opposed to following the norm and living what is classed as a traditional home? There will always be risks as with any new venture, but the rewards often outweigh those risks, and some of the benefits you can look forward to with cabin life are simply unrivalled! There’s every chance that once you have committed, you ‘ll be asking yourself why you didn’t make the switch before!

Let’s take a look over some of our tip and solutions, shall we?

Living Area

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A cabin is similar to living in a regular home regarding interior space; things are just a little more stripped back. You can enjoy having less built up living spaces, often a very appealing factor for people looking to change their style of abode. Think of it this way; cabins give you a gentle integration by providing the best of both worlds; escaping the way the majority of people live, while also allowing you the freedom and space to live a new glamping-related way of life. Cabins have a habit of giving their owners a cosy, welcome feeling that only cabins have a real knack of providing. In all honesty, it’s hard to pinpoint what it is exactly, but you’ll know when the time comes.


Unlike in some other off the grid abodes, it’s still possible to have your amenities inside with you. Whereas with some options, such as yurts, that require a separate area for washing and going to the loo, a cabin can combine everything for you. What’s more, you can select the style of facilities you have. You could install solar-powered showers and collect rainwater for flushing the lavatory if you wanted to be eco-conscious. If you’re buying a pre-built cabin, then you may have to live with what’s already there, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever.

Kitchen Facilities

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Depending on the size of the cabin, you may have a room that acts as a combined living space, with kitchen and lounge facilities in one open space. If this is the case – which it often isn’t in a regular house – then it means you can still be with the rest of the family while cooking, meaning no one feels segregated while preparing meals. Furthermore, if you’re closer to nature and away from the built-up areas, then you can even grow your own fruit and vegetables.


It is important to remember when personalising your new cabin home that you achieve the individual tailored touches that you might not have been able to in a bricks and mortar house. It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing to opt for an off the grid abode powered only by solar energy and rainwater, or if you decide to go all out with electrics and running water, it is completely your own decision and can be changed at any time. Allow yourself to take the plunge and take the design into your own hands. This will open avenues for you to create a home that you’ll love for all manner of reasons knowing that it was all your creation.


Sunshine on a glamping abode with Quality Unearthed

Have you ever stopped to think just how much versatility living in a cabin can bring? The potential is there, you just need to bring the vision. Costs and overall outlay to acquire such a property will always be lower than buying a new house in the city, or coastal village, for example. By saving money on the initial cost of a home, you can assign funds to your big ideas, such as expansions or exterior and interior designs.

Quality Unearthed’s top tips for living in a cabin:

  • Give yourself the opportunity to try any idea you have by visiting one of our log cabin holidays, Wales before committing.
  • Don’t rush into anything, consider all your options for what best to suits you. Make sure the cabin is the one you want, and that the location, surrounding areas, potential for expansion, etc. is good for you.
  • Following on from the previous point, we’d suggest checking out the location, make sure it is close to facilities such as schools, shops and other transport links, in case you have children, and you are looking to send them off to school, for example. You may not want to have to spend 30 minutes driving each way to get your weekly shop either, so bear that in mind.


Cabin life is revered the world over, and there are so many success stories of people making the break away from towns and cities. Could you be next to join the list? We’d love nothing more than to hear from you if you think that living in a cabin with your family is something you would plan to do in the future!

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