how to live in a gypsy wagon

Whether you want to live in a gypsy wagon to save money, to escape the everyday stresses or just to try something new, we can tell you all there is to know about this particular adventure you want to embark upon. It doesn’t matter if you want one as a permanent abode, or more of a holiday home, our guide is sure to give you an understanding of what to expect. If you decide that this is for you, our guide will be able to help you make the preparations needed for your new lifestyle so that you can fully enjoy your unique home.

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Explore Your Reasons For Wanting To Live in a Gypsy Wagon

There are probably many reasons that you want to live in a gypsy wagon. Maybe it is because you want to downsize and save some money, or that you just want to try something new. Pinpointing the main reason for wanting to live in a wagon, and exploring this reason is a great idea before really committing. Choosing to live in a wagon will probably require a complete change in your lifestyle, so it is essential that you consider all of the options. You may want to consider one of our glamping wagons, UK holidays for a taster of what life really could be like living in a gypsy wagon.

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Decide Where to Put Your Wagon


Finding a permanent home for your wagon is important, but one of the best things about owning one is that you can put it wherever you like, and if you get bored you can move somewhere else!

However, if you are looking for a permanent home for your wagon, you may want to ask one of your friends or relatives if they have any land where you can put your wagon, or might even want to invest in a piece of land yourself.

Buying a Gypsy Wagon

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Once you have really thought about owning a wagon, it will be time to find one to buy. Of course, if you are really into your DIY, there is no harm in buying one which needs some work done to it, or you could even build it yourself. If you choose the ‘do it yourself’ method, then you can really personalise your new abode and embrace the whole lifestyle early on. However, there are plenty of places online and around the UK which sell beautiful wagons!

Preparing Your Wagon


As you will know, wagons aren’t huge and tend to be on the smaller side, to say the least. So, if you are building one from scratch, you can adapt it to your requirements. However, due to the ever-changing UK weather, you will have to make sure that your wagon can withhold whatever the weather throws at it.

Bring Some Home Comforts

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Once you have found your perfect wagon and you are ready to move in, you will want to add some home comforts. As said above, a wagon is small, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you need. Many wagons will already have essentials like a small cooking area, but you may want to bring some comforts with you. Wagons aren’t usually large enough to have washing facilities in, so wherever you choose to live, it is probably best that you have a space where you can wash and get fresh water from.

It is also unlikely there will be toilet facilities within your wagon, so if you are searching for a permanent spot, it may be wise to build an outhouse with the other essentials that you require.

Energy Sources


There are many ways to feed electricity into your wagon. Why not try to look at solar or wind power for a great eco-friendly option? Alternatively, you can always run a generating into your wagon if you prefer. It is always wise to get some advice about the options which are available in your area, as well as speaking to an expert about installing your option.

Enjoy Your Wagon Lifestyle

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The most important aspect of this guide is that you enjoy your new lifestyle living in your wagon. There is an abundance of reasons that you should enjoy your new lifestyle, and there is a great pleasure of downsizing and really only living with the bare essentials. We are sure that once you have settled in, there will be no going back.

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