how to live in an eco-pod

In case you didn’t already know, eco-pods are the next big thing in the glamping market, which may make you wonder, what is it like to live in one of these amazing abodes that have gotten everyone so excited?

Long gone are the days of eco-pods being thought of as nothing but a fancy shed for the kids to play in. Living in an eco-pod is much more achievable than many people will have realised. A shining example of eco-friendly, enjoyable living for those looking to indulge in a quainter way of life, the eco-pod offers much more than meets the eye.

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Our guide offers some useful insight into what life living in an eco-pod could be like for you:


What is an eco-pod?

It may seem a little obvious, but an eco-pod is basically a small, sustainable-style abode built for downsized living. As we mentioned, these were traditionally built for children to play in, or used as external spaces, much like sheds. With time, the eco-pod revolution gained momentum, and today they are seen as so much more, with eco-pods being adapted for a range of uses, namely glamping dwellings, but also as a permanent residence too.

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What is it like to live in an eco-pod?

Living in an eco-pod is an experience like no other! There are lots of reasons for this, with the off-the-grid privacy element being high on the list, as well as being in a far less cluttered abode that helps you appreciate the more important, ‘essential’ things. Additionally, eco-pods are usually situated in really appealing locations, and the alluring nature of these destinations is a major pull for anyone wondering what living in an eco-pod is like. If you are considering making the move to live in an eco-pod full-time, then it’s well worth trying it out first, and our glamping Glastonbury eco pod, among others is a great example!

Largely though, living in an eco-pod isn’t that much different to living in a regular home, as many people choose to kit out their eco-pod with plenty of luxuries they would have in their normal homes. Just because you’re opting for a quainter, less mainstream style of home, it doesn’t mean that luxuries have to be sacrificed! What’s more, you may well discover that you revel in embracing a minimalistic way of life once you move in.

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What are the benefits of living in an eco-pod?

Here are a handful of standout benefits that come with living in an eco-pod:

  • Sustainable
  • Minimalistic
  • Peace and quiet
  • Privacy
  • Getting back to nature
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique

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Is living in an eco-pod sustainable?

While making the shift may come as a bit of a shock to some, others will embrace the change more easily, but essentially, the answer to is living in an eco-pod sustainable? is – yes! There’s plenty of examples the world over that show how people live comfortably in eco-pods. You don’t need to be a hippie or a proper eco-warrior to reside in an eco-pod, and with people becoming more open-minded to alternative living spaces, eco-pods really are for everyone! You can also increase sustainability and the health of the planet by taking on an eco-friendlier lifestyle; something that goes hand in hand with the sustainable nature of these abodes.

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How can I live in an eco-pod?

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired after reading this far. You may well now be thinking about how you can approach living in an eco-pod. Here are a few steps you can take to achieve this:

Step 1: Finding a suitable location for your eco-pod is vital. This will most-likely require you investing in land that allows for you to have a dwelling existing on it, or perhaps coming to an arrangement with a landowner who will allow you to have the structure on their land. Planning permission may well also be needed, so do some in-depth research in the early stages before you commit to anything.

Step 2: Once the appropriate measures from step one are in place, then you can move on to the next step; planning your build. You have options here. For example, if you are a self-assured builder, then you may want to construct your eco-pod yourself. Alternatively, you can seek professional help and have a team in to make your new residence for you. There are many companies that will build an eco-pod for you. If you’re planning on using the eco-pod to live in permanently, it is of the utmost importance that the structure is built to last, so getting professionals to assist is certainly something we would recommend.

Step 3: You can work with the team or give them guidance in the initial stages to ensure that you have the eco-pod custom-built to your specifications. Make a decision on the main features, along with sizes and layout of the interior that your eco-pod will have – after all, you’re the one who will be living in it! Again, make sure that you do your research, as the more thorough this is, the better your project will be.

Step 4: The final step is to source your materials (if the supplier hasn’t already done this for you) and get to constructing. Once all of the plans have been finalised, you can really begin your project and start to see your dream coming to life! It won’t be long until it’s time to start hanging up pictures and arranging your creature comforts!

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You may well want to consider buying a ready-made structure. They can also be supremely exclusive to your specifications, but make things an awful lot easier to manage, while also removing some of the stresses that might come with planning and design.

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface, but hopefully we’ve inspired you to look at how switching to life in an eco-pod can be the change you needed but never knew!

If you’re planning on taking the plunge, let us know on our social media channels.


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