how to organise your glamping abode for winter bookings

Autumn has only just begun, so not many of us may not even want to think about winter yet. However, if you own a glamping abode, you may have already thought about how you are going to get it ready for the colder months. It is known that glamping isn’t as popular during the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any bookings at all. In fact, glamping during the winter can be just as enjoyable, especially when the owner has really made an effort to accommodate the colder weather and took the time to organise their glamping abode for winter bookings.

Morning Frost near our Glamping UK abodes.

So, with this being said, we have put together this guide to help you accentuate and organise your glamping abodes this winter.



After a busy summer, you will want to make sure that your glamping abode is still in perfect condition. By ensuring that everything is working properly before the colder seasons arrive, you can make sure your guests are happy and comfortable should they stay during the off-peak seasons. Depending on what type of glamping abode you own, you should make sure that your abode is watertight just in case it decides to snow or rains heavily (the British weather is unpredictable, after all!).

Keep it Cosy



In the warmer months, we like to keep things minimal due to the weather being much warmer. However, when winter arrives we like to feel warm and cosy, so by making a little bit of an effort, you can really transform your glamping abode. By swapping light bedding for thicker duvets and layered blankets, you can really change the feel of the space.

However, it isn’t just your glamping abode which needs to stay cosy but your guests too. By providing them with some extra, you can make the world of difference to their stay. Why not put together a small hamper of seasonal treats? This could include hot chocolate, marshmallows, tea and coffee.

Dark Mornings and Evenings


It is known that winter brings chillier weather than the other seasons, but along with this the sun disappears in the early evening and doesn’t make an appearance until late morning. Although many of us dislike this about winter, glamping abode owners can use this to their advantage.

By welcoming the dark with open arms, you can really enhance your customer’s glamping experience. By installing solar powered outdoor lights, candles and even a fire pit, you can make their stay even more special. Set a romantic scene by creating a magical space outside or even a Christmassy ambience to really wow your guests.



Okay, so it may be too early to start speaking about Christmas, but as the official first day of winter is on the 21st of December, there is not that much time to get prepared. A lot of people tend to go away for Christmas, and you can make their stay extra special by incorporating some seasonal extras into their stay. By putting up decorations for their stay, or even a Christmas tree, you can really intertwine winter and Christmas together.

Help Your Guests


During the summer months, we all tend to spend a lot more time outside, but over winter it is a different story. You can help your guests by making a list of great winter activities to do, whether it is walking on the beach, places to eat or indoor attractions in the area. Find out if any local pubs have a cosy fire, and let your guests know where they are so that they can enjoy a warming meal, and even a drink or two!



There are many features you can add to make your glamping abode even better during the colder months. Because glamping is popular during winter, you can really embrace this by adding a feature like a stove or woodburner. There are many benefits of adding a stove or woodburner to your abode, which you can read about here. If you want to make your glamping abode stand out from the rest, why not look at installing underfloor heating like The Challoners in East Sussex? This particular cabin draws visitors in all year because it is absolutely perfect for those searching for a romantic winter break, with its underfloor heating and a spectacular bath which gives it an extremely cosy feel.

However you decide to get your glamping UK abode ready for winter bookings, just be sure to keep your customers in mind, and embrace the cold by ensuring that they are cosy and have an enjoyable stay.

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