improve your day and your cleansing experience with this amazing shower tile!

We’re not saying this is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s most definitely up there!

spectrum tiles changing colour before your eyes!

Have you ever wanted a shower experience that would take things to the next level? Spend a moment or two soaking up the awesomeness of these stunning, made-to-order heat sensitive shower tiles. With inspiration drawn from the Northern Lights in Alaska, the tiles start out at room temperature as simple plain black tiles, but turn the water on these amazing tiles and they begin to move through an incredible colour spectrum as they start heat up. Don’t fret if you think these little guys are going to be out of your price range. They’ve been made comfortably affordable so that no one has to miss out!

spectrum tiles changing colour before your eyes!

In our humble opinion, there aren’t many things better than a nice warm shower to start of end the day, but this would certainly make things more fun, and we’d probably end up staying in the shower even longer if we had these amazing tiles… dreaming of the next time we’re going on a luxury camping South Wales break of course!

spectrum tiles changing colour before your eyes!

If you’re interesting in making a purchase then take a look at the eBay listing here: 

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