an ingenious idea from a 17 year old girl has seen her invent a device that creates fresh water and clean energy

Meet Cynthia Sin Nga Lam from Melbourne, Australia. This amazing 17 year old girl may just have created a machine that could dig her predecessors out of a massive hole they dug for themselves with the lack of sustainable and economical living in the past.

Cynthia Sin Nga Lam and her new invention, the H2PRO making living cleaner glamping.

(Image courtesy of: Cynthia Sin Nga Lam)

Miss Lam put her innovative device into the running for Google’s 2014 Science Fair. This device not only cleans contaminated water, but also uses the contaminants removed from the water to catalyse electrolysis in order to release hydrogen as a byproduct to be used in fuel cells to generate electricity, which, in turn, creates more clean water. Amazing, right?!

Electricity and clean water are two vital things that we easily have access to, but are sadly seen as luxury elements in the lives for those in underdeveloped countries.

Furthermore, not only is there a distinct deficiency in terms of resources in third-world countries, the whole world also having to face up to the fact that there’s an energy crisis and masses of water pollution globally. Thankfully locations near our Eco Pods and other glamping destinations in the UK are free from these issues, but there still lies a problem in the world that this young lady is addressing on behalf of us all. Her objective is to find an eco-friendly and economical approach to solve both issues, and she’s most definitely on to with this invention.

A diagram of how the H2PRO would work on a house near our glamping accommodation in the UK.

Miss Lam’s device is officially called the H2PRO. This machine relies on photocatalytic reactions to purify and sterilize wastewater, as well as generating electricity using hydrogen produced. What’s more is that the organic pollutant extracted doesn’t only get decomposed but will also enhance the reaction rate.

Composed of 2 parts – the upper unit for photocatalytic water-purification and hydrogen-generation, is connected to a fuel cell and the bottom unit for further water filtration. Are you still with us?

Here’s the juicy bit:

Cynthia says that: “H2PRO’s feasibility in the removal of organic pollutant was examined to be excellent – almost 90% of organic compound was decomposed after 2 hours. However, its performance in electricity generation was quite unstable although theoretically and experimentally the photocatalytic hydrogen yield is proved to be satisfactory and even better in the presence of organic pollutant. I will keep improving this device until stable electricity generation is achieved.”

She adds: “In conclusion, I have successfully introduced a design for a portable electricity-generation and water-purification unit. Generally speaking, H2PRO has demonstrated its potential to feasibly provide clean water and sustainable energy to the needy ones. I will keep “practicalizing” the electricity-generation unit so that people can really benefit from my design one day.”

For more information on this amazing, possibly ground-breaking invention go to Cynthia’s project page.  

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