interview: how to market your glamping abode

In recent years, UK glamping has become such a popular holiday choice for those looking to escape to a unique destination that is away from the run of the mill breaks. With this in mind, there are also people who are keen to get their luxury camping abodes out there for visitors to come and enjoy too.

If you are one of those who wants to market your glamping abode, then discover what our very own Nia Jenkins, manager of the owners team here at Quality Unearthed, had to say about marketing your property. There’s lots of useful information you can take away from Nia’s insightful answers, so feel free to make the most of them!

Hope the Gypsy Wagon at Quality Unearthed

  • First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the glamping industry?

Coming from a marketing background with a love of travel and writing, a move into the newly expanding world of glamping felt like a natural and exciting move.


  • What benefits can owners expect to see from marketing their glamping abode?

Marketing, done right, puts your property in front of the right people. At Quality Unearthed, we make sure that not only do guests who love your particular type of structure get to know about it via our various marketing mediums, but we introduce and entice people who are new to your area, or even new to the idea of glamping.


  • What makes a good glamping abode?

Everyone’s idea of a great holiday destination is different, but through our continued research into what guests want, we’ve found a few reliable needs. Having an en-suite bathroom is very popular; failing this, a toilet next to a structure is a must. The ability to facilitate dogs is advantageous, as our guests love to bring their furry friends on outdoor adventures with them. And “hot tub holidays” is one of the highest searched terms online – check out the gorgeous range of handmade Scandinavian eco tubs offered by Yorkshire based company Naked Flame.


  • Are there any tips and tricks to make an abode stand out to potential visitors?

Here at Quality Unearthed, our motto is “Stay Somewhere Different”. As glamping becomes increasingly recognised as a popular and interesting mode of holidaying, the more glamping structures begin to appear. Try to make yours as unique as possible – create a bespoke space, paint your structure a bright colour, turn an everyday object or vessel into a usable space – create something truly memorable.


Buttercup safari tent luxury camping abode with Quality Unearthed

  • How does Quality Unearthed market an abode?

Each structure in our portfolio is marketed individually via a myriad of marketing channels. Our marketing team use social media marketing mediums, website marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), press releases to national newspapers, editorials in glamping magazines and printed brochures, as well as new software for data collection and targeted campaigns.


  • What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into the world of letting out their glamping property?

Consider what you want from your venture. Is this a side business, or are you renting full-time, all year around? Do you have the time to complete changeovers yourself, or will you need to source a cleaner?  Do you have the time to manage your bookings, or should you employ an agent?  These are all questions that Quality Unearthed can advise you on, and more – our consultation services answer many of the initial queries owners may have.


  • Why should glamping abode owners choose Quality Unearthed?

We’re not just a booking agent. We visit every site personally. We want to hear the story behind why you started your glamping adventure, or why you poured your love into your unusual abode.

We believe that knowing our owners personally; their goals, their expectations, how they like their tea and the names of their pets, helps us build a solid working relationship. We’ll even bring the biscuits!

If you want to market your property, then please get in contact with us here at Quality Unearthed, we’d love to hear from you!

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