land diversification: why glamping is the next step forward

Land diversification is becoming increasingly important to land owners in the current market situation, with more and more needing to find alternative uses for their land as a source of income. There are many ways in which land can be diversified, from repurposing spare land into animal training facilities or kennels/stables, creating your own products such as ice cream/milk, honey beekeeping or offering guided walks and rambling routes. One of the best options however, has to be to create a great glamping adventure! This seems to be an idea that is increasing in popularity of late, and for a great reason! Here are just a few reasons why your next diversification step should be glamping in 2017:

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The Glamping Industry is Booming

The glamping industry has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, with owners becoming more creative with the types of accommodation they offer and the options popping up in new locations all across the UK! This makes for a very exciting time for the outdoor industry, as people re-ignite their love for the great outdoors and venture out on a camping or glamping trip more frequently.

It’s a Fun Venture

Creating you’re very own glamping adventure to offer out to all who visit is an incredibly enjoyable process. You can personalise your experience however you wish, and once the structure is built, the upkeep isn’t overwhelming. You could start off small with just one small abode, then once you’ve fallen in love with the experience, you can expand from there.

If Successful, They Pay for Themselves

The great thing about glamping abodes is their low up-keep costs. After the initial investment has been paid, you will start to see your returns fairly quickly – if your property is correctly marketed. Here at Quality Unearthed we can help you with all aspects of the marketing to ensure that you reap the benefits of setting up your own glamping abodes.

Your Chance to be Unique

If you are really committed to the idea, then this is your chance to shine! Be as unique as you can be to encourage success. Try to think of quirky alternative places to sleep and ways in which your glamping camp will be different as this can encourage returning, loyal customers. If you’ve ever dreamed of a quirky interior or out-there design, why not give it a go?

Make Extra Money

One of the main motivations may be to make some extra money, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that this is your primary reason behind this venture! If your land currently makes money, but you need something to boost the income, then this could be a fantastic option. If you have a family, the kids will enjoy getting involved too (as well as sleeping in the abode when there aren’t any guests!)

Your Own Glamping Retreat

By building a glamping pod on your land, you’re essentially building yourself a holiday home! This means that you can take a break whenever the abode is free for one night, two nights or an entire week! It gives you an almost free holiday which is close to home. If you’re feeling lavish and install a hot tub (purely for the pleasure of your guests of course) then you too can enjoy the benefits and enjoy the steamy tub at your leisure!

Meet New People

Running a business such as this provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. From the other people involved in the glamping business whose experiences you can learn from, to the guests who come to visit you, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a wide range of exciting new people! You can even invite family and friends to stay (and to bring their friends if you have enough beds!)


If you are a leaning towards an eco-friendly land diversification strategy, then glamping is certainly a good way to go! You can take your pick from eco-pods to other fantastic alternatives that do not harm the environment. We even have a contact who offer eco-friendly hot tubs, so you can be kind to the environment without skimping on any of the luxuries!

Would you be interested in glamping as your next land diversification strategy? Take a look at our owners’ page for more information on how we can help!

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