like it or not, ‘science’ says cat videos make you happy and lift energy levels

A headline we’re sure you didn’t think you were ever likely to see, right? Well as it’s a Friday, and the fact that we’re sure you were dying to know why watching cat videos online lifts viewers’ energy levels and evokes positive emotions while decreasing negative feelings, it’s too good to miss!

  A smiling cat on a bed at a treehouse glamping abode with Quality Unearthed

According to a new study many of us, not during working hours, of course, are more than happy to while away hours on YouTube watching comical clips of the famous Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow and Lil’ Bub. Previously this may have been a time-killing procrastination exercise, but now, thanks to science, we can say we’re giving ourselves therapy.


Jessica Gall Myrick, an Indiana University Media School researcher, conducted a study of around 7,000 people about their cat video habits and how said habits affected their moods.


Myrick’s goal was to discover whether watching cat videos online could have the same positive connotations as pet therapy. Or whether some people could feel worse due to the fact they feel guilty because of their procrastination.

Partakers in the study cited feeling more energetic and positive following a dose of watching cats online, while feeling fewer negative emotions. The pleasure they felt from watching the videos prevailed over any guilt they felt about not working.

In the future, cat videos could be used a form of low-cost pet therapy she added. Alternatively, you could go for a pleasant treehouse glamping break for some therapy away from a desk and a screen, but we’re not biased at all, honest!

Did you know, there were more than 2 million cat videos posted to YouTube last year? They gained almost 26 BILLION views. Additionally, cat videos obtained more views per video than any other category on the video streaming site!


Image: Yumi Kimura under Creative Commons.

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