look to the skies! leonid meteor shower set to peak tomorrow

A spectacular meteor shower is set to peak in the skies over the UK with shooting stars about to hit our atmosphere at 158,000mph this week, with the opportunity to view as many as 15 shooting stars every hour.

Leonid Meteor Shower at the crack of dawn near Quality Unearthed Glamping UK abodes.

The Leonid meteor shower will hit its climax on Wednesday, November 18th, which occurs annually in mid-November when the Earth moves through the dust trail of the Tempel-Tuttle comet.


If you are in an optimum location, a non-light polluted area, for example, the peak times to see the meteors are between the hours of midnight and dawn on Wednesday.


As with all meteor showers, your best chance of seeing some interstellar action is to position yourself away from light pollution.


If you are as excited about seeing this natural phenomenon as we are then we’ve got more good news as, thanks to a waxing crescent moon on the 18th, the sky will be dark enough for premium meteor spotting opportunities.


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Image: Mike Lewinski under Creative Commons.

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